今年の11月15-18日にかけて、アジアにおける動物実験代替法研究の推進と連携強化、3Rの普及推進をより確かなものとするため、「アジア動物実験代替法会議2016(Asian Congress 2016)」が佐賀県唐津市にて開催されます。昨日公式サイトがオープンとなりましたのでご紹介します。

  • アジア動物実験代替法会議2016リンク切れ)



Asian Congress 2016 on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Science



Greeting :
 The Asian Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (Asian Congress) 2016 is being organized by the Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments (JSAAE) with the cooperation of the Alternatives Congress Trust (ACT), and the Organizing Committee is currently making preparations to begin registering participants from China, India, Japan, and Korea. The Asian Congress is scheduled to be held in November, 2016, at venues in the cities of Karatsu, Saga, and Fukuoka, Japan. The opening session will be held in Karatsu, followed by four days of scientific sessions and plenary lectures in Saga, and a closing session in Fukuoka, that will include the 29th JSAAE annual meeting and poster sessions focusing on Reduction, Refinement and Replacement (the Three Rs) of animal experiments.
 The Asian Congress will be the first conference of its kind for researchers from Asia, and will afford an opportunity for promoting alternative methods to researchers in these places, where the concept of the Three Rs is just now achieving penetration. The Asian Congress is intended to achieve multiple missions, which will include disseminating information not just on the latest advances in including pure sciences but on practical applications of the Three Rs worldwide.

Co-Chair: Hajime Kojima (National Institute of Health Sciences)
Co-Chair: Shigehiro Ohdo (Kyushu University)
Organizing committee :

Hajime Kojima (NIHS:co-chair)
Shigehiro Ohdo (Kyushu Univ.: co-chair)
Satoru Koyanagi (Kyushu Univ.)
Yasuyuki Sakai (Tokyo Univ.)
Takaharu Ogiwara (Japan Cosmetic Center)
Shigehisa Aoki (Saga Univ.)
Hiroyuki Miyazaki (Japan Bio Products)
Programme committee :

Hiroshi Yamamoto (Toyama Univ.: Chair)
Tsutomu Miki Kurosawa (Kagoshima Univ.)
Eui-Bae Jeung (Chungbuk National Univ., Korea)
Jufeng Wang(Pharmaron, China)
Safety Evaluation, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, China)
Muhammad Abdul Kader Akbarsha (Bharathidasan Univ., India)
Troy Seidle(HSI, Canada)




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